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Tamil Kid Upbringing – Fair-skinned = Good People / Dark-skinned = Bad People !!

Based on this kids upbringing, 90% of people of her race are “bad people”.
Discrimination based on skin color, or colorism

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Singapore’s Minority Indian Citizens victims of job discrimination in Singapore

Employment discrimination was a key concern raised by Indian community leaders in Singapore at a closed-door dialogue, said Minister Vivian Balakrishnan. Singapore will address “head-on” the minority Indian community’s concern about discrimination during employment in the city-state, a report said on Friday.

Employment discrimination is a key concern raised by Indian community leaders during a recent closed-door dialogue with him and three other members of parliament of Indian-origin.

“It was an issue the minorities were most sensitive to,and I think it’s a perception that we must address head-on,”The Straits Times quoted Balakrishnan as saying. “So the moves that MOM (the Ministry of Manpower) is considering on fair employment will be of great interest to the Indian community,” he added.

Balakrishnan, along with MPs Hri Kumar Nair, Vikram Nair and Janil Puthucheary, met 300 community leaders and residents during the three-hour dialogue to gather views and concerns of the Indian community on Wednesday. Singapore has over 500,000 people of Indian-origin in its population of 5.3 million.

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Xtian Black Slavery Racism- “THE NEGRO A BEAST”

 Professor Charles Carroll’s Book “The Negro Is a Beast”  (Click Link For PDF Download)

  • The Formation of the Negro and other beasts—then the Negro on the sixth day.
  • Biblical and scientific facts demonstrating that the Negro is not an offspring of the Adam family.
  • Convincing Biblical and scientific evidence that the Negro is not of the human family.
  • Red, yellow and brown skin denotes amalgamation of the human family with the Beast—the Negro.
  • It was not God’s original plan that His Son should be crucified, but amalgamation and disobedience of the human family made it imperative.
  • The Bible and Divine Revelation, and reason, all teach that the Negro is not human.

The Negro Is a Man: A Reply to Professor Charles Carroll’s Book “The Negro Is a Beast

Pre-Adamite –

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‘None, Ni**er’: Racist receipt shocks waitress at Red Lobster

A WAITRESS at a family restaurant has described her shock at receiving a receipt from her customers with racist language written on the tipping line.

“This is what I got as a tip last night…so happy to live in the proud southern states. God Bless America, land of the free and home of the low class racists of Tennessee.”


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